Hagestad_Alexis_Found Object Still Life's-1.jpg

Found Object Still Lifes

I find inspiration in still objects because they are fascinating unmoving materials that inhabit the world around us. In a society that depends on materialistic lifestyles and overuses disposable materials, I find it hard to discard objects once people use them for their intended purposes. We often forget about the history of an object, where it came from, and how the process of creating a thing in space is art, itself. Objects have the power to be more than just disposable objects. They have the ability to tell a story, hold a certain memory, remind us of a specific moment in the past or help us remember a forgotten time or place. By collecting and organizing these interesting things, objects help me retell a story through their arrangement and placement. The items in these photographs are not only arranged aesthetically but also arranged to create a new purpose for unwanted materials. With their stillness, I can observe the way they interact with the space and light that surrounds them. A pair of rusty scissors, a torn book, an old wooden spoon, dried flowers and many other unwanted objects living in the content of each photographic frame construct a new tangible object: the photograph.